Everything you need to know about wearing ties as a shorter man is here.

The best place to buy neckties with shorter lengths is Mountain and Sackett. All of the ties they have are made in NYC and cost less than $70.

One length is around 58-59 inches.

It is rare to find short ties for sale.

You will learn how to deal with ties that are too long eco friendly yoga clothes and I will show you where to buy shorter ties.

Why does it matter?

If a tie is too long for your build, it will hang down past your waist, which will make you look like a kid playing dress up.

It ruins your formal look because it’s too big.

You are probably doing something important when you wear a tie.

  • At work in a formal office
  • Going to a job interview
  • At (or in) a wedding
  • Attending a funeral

We wear suits and ties to signify that we understand and respect the formality of a situation, but often they detract from a man’s image.

Wearing a Suit and Tie

Mass manufacturing has led to ill-fitting garments and one-size-fits-all accessories.

Many guys look terrible in suits and ties these days.

This is the opposite effect that a formal outfit is supposed to give, and most guys don’t even know they are doing it wrong.

If you want to know if your suits are working for or against you, read this guide.

The necktie will be the focus of the rest of this post.

The Perfect Tie Length

Should your tie be long? The bottom of your belt is where the tip of your tie should end.

It is too long if your tie goes past the belt. It has a subtle heightening effect and I think shorter men should air on the side of too short.

The wide end is acceptable if you want a sprezzatura vibe.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure neither end of your tie goes past the bottom of your shirt.

Where to Buy Short Ties

neckties are too long for most men. If you are under 5’8″ you will have a hard time finding ties that work for you.

There are a few places that sell neckties that are shorter.

Mountain & Sackett

Many men’s ties are available in different lengths and widths.

There are 43 styles that are shorter than 54′′.

The ties are made in New York City. They have many great colors and patterns in their collection.

Their ties cost between $60 and 70 dollars, which is a good value for this level of craftsmanship.

Fort Belvedere

Gentleman’s Gazette is a popular men’s style publication.

Premium quality accessories are worth it if you can spend the money.

There are three different lengths of ties at Fort Belvedere.

Grenadine ties are made in shorter lengths. These are hard to find.

Jimmy Au’s

Jimmy Au’s is a boutique dedicated to men 5’8″ and under and is located in the Los Angeles area.

They have a large selection of neckties that will fit perfectly.

Of course, you can always go custom…

Custom Length Ties

There are a number of custom clothing manufacturers. Some allow you to pick the fabric, width and length.

  • Viola Milano – as short as 53.5″
  • Shibumi – as short as 53″
  • Sam Hober – true bespoke (any length)

Depending on where you live, these will take up to 2 weeks to deliver.

If you need something to wear this weekend, a custom tie isn’t a good solution. It is a good option if you have time to spare.

Can you wear boys’ ties?

If you want to buy neckties from the young men’s department, they will be too short for you.

Most boys ties are too short for most adults, even those who are a few inches below average height.

Unless you are shorter than 5’3″ and use small knots like the Four in Hand, you will not be able to get a kids size.

Ties You Already Own

All of the ties you own? Chances are you already own at least a few ties.

If they weren’t too long, you could wear one or two of them.

Here are a couple of options:

Hide the Excess Length

If you want the fat blade to hit where you want it, you can tie your tie and hide the long thin blade inside.

It works like a charm when I do it all the time. Pull the thin blade all the way down and tuck it into your pants so it doesn’t bunch up and cause visible bumps under your shirt

This is the best way to use ties that are too long if you already own them.

Use a Bigger Knot

A knot that uses up more length is an easy way to shorten a tie.

If you tie your tie with a Four in Hand knot, try a Prince Albert instead.

If the Double Four in Hand is too long, try Half Windsor.

If your tie is too long, this is the solution.

Get Them Tailored

It is not hard to make a skinny tie, but it is not easy to make a long tie shorter.

This is also true for ties with any kind of pattern. Tailors don’t know how to shorten solid color ties.

Tailoring is not recommended unless you have an expensive tie that you absolutely love. It will be difficult to find a tailor who wants to do this and who can do it.

The choice is yours…

Most ties are too long. It’s annoying.

I hope this guide has some ideas for where to buy shorter ties and how to make the ties you already own work for you.

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