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The best way to serve olive oil is to use the best olive oil dispensers. It is a simple solution that keeps the oil fresh. You can pour oil in small quantities with the help of the olive oil dispensers.

There are some basic features you should consider. The freshness and quality of olive oil will be affected by an incorrect way of keeping it.

I have done research for you to avoid such situations. The features and requirements for the best olive oil dispensers were put together by me. I found 6 best olive oil dispensers that are next level and grouped them in a comparison table based on the manufacturing design and popularity of olive oil.

In this article, I will show you how to find the right olive oil dispensers for your needs.


The standard size is 17 ounces. This is the ideal size for a dispensers to be placed. A standard half liter extra virgin olive oil can be filled up in this size.

The size range for the modern design dispensers is from 7 to 27 ounces.


Always look for an olive oil dispensers made of glass, steel, or ceramics. Plastic products affect the quality of olive oil.

The golden liquid is represented by the clear glass dispenser. The best way to store olive oil is to use a dark colored glass dispensers. The quality of olive oil will be affected by the exposure to the sun.

The glass or ceramics dispensers last longer than the plastic ones.

I would highly recommend the glass olive oil dispensers.

  • It’s an eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable material.
  • The glass makes it easy to spot when you need to refill the oil.
  • It is strong and stable when it is on the table or on the shelf.
  • It becomes a beautiful kitchen decor.

It’s important to keep the olive oil dispensers away from the window. If you have a kitchen table next to the window, place olive oil on it a few minutes before serving food.

After the food is eaten, put the dispensers back in the cupboard or shelf.


Olive oil dispensers are designed for a variety of purposes, from convenience to presentation. The dispensers give beauty, style, and flexibility to every breakfast table.

Olive oil dispensers are designed to work functionally and securely, so they can end the mess in the kitchen. There will be no spills or accidents on the kitchen table.


You can serve your olive oil in a simple way if you choose the best dispensers. You won’t have to waste time measuring portions of olive oil when you want to serve it on salads or bread. The olive oil dispensers can do a job.

This product pours the exact amount of olive oil each time. It is easy to serve.

Olive Oil Pour Spout

The pour spout helps to direct the oil out of the bottle. You have control over where the liquid goes.

Which is the best olive oil pour spout? The measured spout is the most popular among olive oil users.

Control the amount of oil, dressing, or vinaigrette poured into your dishes with the help of a glass oil and vinaigrette dispensers.

  • Premium smudge-freestainless and lead-free glass are used in the design of the oil dispensers.
  • Wide opening makes it easy to clean and refill.

The last update was on June 3, 2022.

Standard or Free Flow Olive Oil Pour Spout

The most popular olive oil pourer is free flow, it is easy to use and let the oil flow smoothly and quickly. Other spouts have systems to control the flow of oil, but this one lets you decide how much olive oil you want.

Angled Olive Oil Pour Spout

The angle of the olive oil pourers allow you to pour the oil more accurately. The angle pour spout allows for high-flow rate pours.

The open spout makes this style susceptible to fruit flies and other nuisances.

Measured Olive Oil Pour Spout

A measuring system is used to control consistency and prevent over-pouring. The pourers work like taps, opening to allow a certain amount of oil to pass through, and then shutting off to prevent overpouring.

The downside to smart pourers is that they limit creative control while serving or cooking food, however it is great to follow the strict food plan and add olive oil precisely measured.

My Top 6 Olive Oil Dispensers

I researched the best olive oil dispensers and found the top 6 that will fit your needs. I gave our ranking as an additional opinion because this selection is carefully chosen and all the products are great.

The classic and modern designs are the two groups of olive oil dispensers.

3 Classic Design Olive Oil Dispensers

Classic dispensers offer self-service that is attractive, safe, secure and sanitary. If you choose a classic product, you will always be able to see it. Below the table, I have my first top 3 classic olive oil dispensers.

Aozita Zeppoli Vremi image Olive oil & vinegar set No Yes Yes Material Glass &Stainless Steel Glass &Stainless Steel Color Dark brown Clear Volume 17oz


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What’s great about it:

The elegant style olive oil dispensers is one of the best products on the market. The upgraded flip-top keeps the dust out. The dark brown glass is the best part of Aozita. It protects the oil from the sun and keeps it fresh. Aozita olive oil is easy to use and looks classy.

  • Dark-colored glass, easy to clean
  • A smooth refill with a funnel that is aided by a scuplture.
  • Shatter resistance for your safety

Aozita 17oz glass olive oil dispensers include a 17oz amber-glass oil bottle and 2 types of oil spouts.

  • The bottle glass is shatterproof and dripping-free as often as possible.
  • There are two types of pourer with different tops.

The last update was on June 3, 2022.


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What’s great about it:

One of the best olive oil dispensers you can get with this full set. These clear glass dispensers are great for most kitchens and are great enough to go with. You can choose pouring speed from slow or quick over salads, pasta, and other meals. There will be no more accidents with over cooking.

  • Dual spout corks for different speed pouring
  • Caps to avoid spillage and messy kitchen
  • Durable design won’t break so easily

There is an easy pour experience with one collapsible funnel and four spout seals.

  • CONVENIENT – Unlike our competitors, each of our oil and vinegar dispensers can hold up to 17 ounces.
  • The glass olive oil bottle is made of premium durable rubber.

The last update was on June 3, 2022.


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What’s great about it:

The set is a perfect combo. It has a caddy for easy transportation from the kitchen to the table. You will never have to worry about spills because of convenient tops. These bottles make it easy to cook.

  • Practical dispenser with measurement labels
  • Different spout corks for slow and fast pouring
  • Stainless steel caddy and rack for easy transportation

Vremi 17oz Olive Oil and Balsamic Dispenser Set has 17oz of cooking oil and balsamic.

  • Each bottle has a convenient hold of 17 ounces.
  • This is a decorative glassware container with a steel ring.

The last update was on June 3, 2022.

3 Modern Design Olive Oil Dispensers

A group of olive oil dispensers are related to modern design. They are a great way best airtight containers to keep your kitchen and table clean. They are the best dispensers in the modern kitchen.

Rachel Ray’s image design is Stylish Modern elegant Modern Sleek Modern Material Glass, Silicone, and STAINLESS STEEL Glass and STAINLESS STEEL Color Clear Clear Marine blue Volume 17 oz.


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What’s great about it:

Due to its measurement labels, this is an elegant dispensers that helps to avoid over-dressing. The modern design of the lid and the mess-free pouring make it possible to accurately measure every time. There is no need to mess in your modern-style kitchen.

  • Precise measurement labels
  • Oil pump for portion control
  • Stainless steel caddy and rack for easy transportation

Vremi 17oz Olive Oil Dispenser with No Drip Bottle Spout PRECISE MEASURING is a glass oil dispensers bottle.

  • The pump portion of the glass body can be removed. Push the buttons.
  • There is no drips on the oil and vinegar dispensers.

The last update was on June 3, 2022.


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What’s great about it:

The kitchen duo is the Kibaga brand. Thanks to the clever design of the spout, it prevents your oils from dripping and keeps your kitchen clean. I like the way that they don’t pour too quickly. It’s a great dispensers for the modern kitchen.

  • Functional design and non-drip feature
  • Look great and works very well
  • It’s perfect for a gift.

The Kibaga olive oil dispensers make it.

  • The oil dispensers set is protected by a glass.
  • Enjoy the benefits of the oil dispensers and add an…

The last update was on June 3, 2022.


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What’s great about it:

Rachel Ray olive oil dispensers are a must-have. It is made from sturdy ceramics which protect olive oil from oxidation. Olive oil is kept clean. The handle and spout are comfortable. The dispenser is a fun color match for many Rachel Ray items. It’s an awesome decoration in your house.

  • Safe ceramics protecting from olive oil oxidation
  • Variety of colors for every kitchen design
  • Integrated handle for a firm grip

The ceramic cruet protects oils from oxidation.

  • There is an integrated handle for a swirl.
  • The dishwasher is dishwasher safe for convenience.

The last update was on June 3, 2022.


The buyers have a lot of questions about the best olive oil dispensers. I have listed the most frequently asked questions about olive oil dispensers that will guide you in the best direction.

Q: How Long Can Olive Oil Dispenser last?

You can use the dispensers for a long time. It is possible to make dispensers from glass. You need to buy a good quality extra virgin olive oil.

Q: What Olive Oil I Should Use?

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best. The highest-ranking olive oil is Kalamata.

Should I keep olives in a fridge?

If you keep it in the fridge, it will get cloudy. The best place to store olive oil is a dark place.

Q: How to Clean Olive Oil Dispenser?

You can use warm water mixed with soap and water if the product instructions are different. Shake the mix well and leave for an hour. You can repeat it several times to get optimal results.

It depends. The product description is important. What type of material is being used is always described.

Can I use other liquid in the dispensers?

You can use other liquids. I would be careful with it in the bathroom. Unless you’re 100% sure that your dispenser is suitable for this purpose.

Final thoughts

An olive oil dispensers is the best solution for self-serving needs at a table. It is a very precise and convenient way of serving olive oil.

You can match a dispenser with your kitchen design and choose the best one for it. With the best of olive oil dispensers, you can avoid waste, protect the environment and save money. It is a simple solution. It’s time to pick the best olive oil dispensers for your kitchen.

I recommend our Greek family-produced Kalamata olive oil if you’re looking for a premium quality refill for your dispensers. This olive oil is a premium extra virgin olive oil that is very low in acidity.

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