If you are looking for a matching mother daughter bracelets for Mother’s Day or any other special occasion, look no further! I have collected the most gorgeous bracelets for mothers and daughters and put them all in one place.

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The bracelets are a perfect gift because they are matching mom and daughter. These gorgeous bangles can be made with gold, rose gold, and silver mother daughter necklaces. You can put charms on your bracelet.

You can use your birth stones to make your bracelets. The bracelets are made of a cheaper steel, making them more budget friendly than those made of gold or silver.

The bangles have a cutout for the mom and a tiny heart for the daughter. This is a great way to have matching jewelry. Get it here.

The bracelet set is similar to the one before, but has a traditional bracelet chain instead of the bangle concept. Get it here.

Matching Mother & Daughter Infinity Bracelet

The tiny sizes of the bracelet set make it easy for little girls to match their mom’s.

This matching bracelet set can be custom sized to fit all ages and sizes. Get it here.

This cute and quirky matching bracelet set is a great way to show how mom and daughter are the same puzzle.

I saved my favorite. I love the idea of a handwriting bracelet, but making it a matching bracelet makes it even better. The daughter can write her mom a message on her bracelet, and the mom can write her mom a message on her bracelet. Each bracelet would be unique but they would match.

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