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I know what you are thinking. It is close to fall. September is just another word for bad heat for some of us. If you are skipping through fall leaves already, there is no way you can pass up putting chubby baby legs into these shorts with tights.

The genius behind this pattern hack is from Homemade byJill. She will show you how to make any shorts pattern into the prettiest shorts you have ever seen. She has a glitter wreath and some felt trick or treat bags that you should check out.

Keep reading to learn how to turn any shorts pattern into a ruffled one.

How to turn any shorts pattern into skirts.

Hey! I promised to show you how to do it. I am following through now.

In this post, I will show you how I changed the shorts pattern to make them look like Oliver + S Class Picnic shorts. Any shorts pattern can be applied to it.

I am not giving you a complete sew natural yoga clothes-along. This is to show you how I changed up a pattern piece I already own. Hopefully this will help you modify your pattern.

You need a shorts pattern to start. I prefer a pattern that is one single piece for each leg, rather than a pattern that has a front and back piece. It will look like that.

If you want to mark the ruffle line down the front of the shorts, you should use this fold.

I wrote a line from the fold.

The pattern piece should be cut in two. You now have a piece of furniture.

Attach the front piece to the side you just cut. The ruffled pieces will be sewn together here. The smaller piece can be thrown out.

Adding a ruffle to the bottom of the shorts will make them longer. Use a ruler to mark along the bottom edge of the pattern piece to cut it.

Take off the front and back pieces. A bowl is a template.

You are about to cut fabric. The pattern pieces should look like this.

It is always a good idea to label your pieces.

The long curved edge has a ruffle attached. The front piece needs to be ruffled. The back piece does not need a ruffle on the whole curve because the pieces overlap. Then sew and press it. Topstitch from the seam line.

Lay your front piece over the back piece and pin it in place as a guide. The pieced leg should match the original one. The pieces should be joined by topstitching in the seam line of the front piece.

The completed leg pieces will look like this:

If you follow the instructions on the pattern, you can make a snazzy new style of shorts.

The only thing left is to find a cute kid.

I made another pair for her. She needed a little more wardrobe friendly. These have more of a pleats than the denim I found to be too thick.

I put some back pockets in. Is it a cute little man?

I am impressed if you made it all the way to the end of this post. happy sewing

by Pretty Prudent

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