If your foundation walls are showing signs of inward movement, you need to have them repaired.

There are many wall problems, including those that cause cracks, inward bulging and sliding.

If your foundation walls are showing signs of inward movement, you need to have them repaired. These symptoms are a sign that the wall is weak.

Florida Foundation Authority can provide you with a permanent solution if you have noticed the problems in your home. We can solve all foundation repair problems in Deltona and the surrounding areas. We can give you a free estimate.

Signs of bowing foundation walls

Foundation walls move inward due to expansive soils. Foundation settlement is one of the causes of foundation walls cracking. Our experts will identify the cause of your foundation problems.

  • Horizontal or stair-step cracking along the foundation walls
  • The corners of the poured walls are cracking.
  • Inward bowing or bulging along the walls

The Walls are leaning in at the top.

  • There are wet soils around the home.
  • Expansive clay soils present around the structure

There are several foundations that are showing damage from hydrostatic pressure.

How we can fix it:

The Florida Foundation Authority has Wall Anchors that can be installed along the wall.

The soil is placed outside the house. The foundation wall and wall plates are made of steel. Wall plates move the pressure. The wall can be fixed with tightened nuts on the threaded ends.

What causes cracked & bowing foundation walls?

The samples started out the same in size, weight, and composition. We kept the left sample moist while the right sample was allowed to dry out.

Imagine how dramatic the changes are in the soil around your home if a small sample of clay gained this much volume when it was wet.

Four factors affect the amount of pressure they exert.

  • The type of soil around the foundation
  • The amount of moisture in the soil
  • How far underground the foundation is
  • The temperature conditions

The foundation wall is the only thing holding it up from the outside. It is possible to cause walls to lean or even collapse due to the amount of pressure put on them.

Large volumes of water can collect in the soil around your structure and contribute to foundation wall problems.

The soil around the foundation will become heavier and more expansive if the roof is not directed away from the foundation.

Installing foundation wall anchors

The Wall Anchor System is recommended by the Florida Foundation Authority. The six steps our contractors follow when installing our wall anchor system.

Before the installation, earth anchor locations will be determined to maximize system effectiveness The location of each earth anchor will be shown in the proposal by the foundation contractors. The sod is removed from the lawn at the beginning of the installation. An earth anchor hole exterior basement waterproofing is made using a power auger after a sheet is laid down to protect your lawn. A small hole will be cored through the basement wall once the hole has been excavated. A steel anchor rod will be driven through the wall and soil through a hole in the center of the earth anchor Our wall anchor system is superior to other methods because the hole in the foundation wall is very small. A large hole or section of concrete block may be required in some methods. Attaching the earth anchor involves securing the end of each anchor rod to its anchor and burying it in the ground. The galvanized steel used in our earth anchor systems is resistant tocorrosion damage. The Earth Anchors we install have a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects as well as our own quality and performance warranty. Once the earth anchors have been installed, our foundation repair experts will mount a wall plate over the end of the anchor rod. A wall plate is secured with a large nut on the threaded end of an anchor rod. If your wall anchors are being installed in a finished basement, be sure to ask us about our Wall Anchor Covers, which will help you hide your wall anchor access points. We pride ourselves in leaving each job clean, neat, and free of damage to existing landscaping. To prevent depressed areas from being created as the soils settle over time, we fill holes completely with dirt saved earlier and fill areas with scuplture. All sod will be replaced with a rake to blend in with surrounding grass for a seamless restoration. Wall Anchors do more than just stop the movement of your foundation walls, they also give you the opportunity to fix your walls over time. Eventually, your walls will be repaired or even returned to their original position. It is possible to restore value to your home and return it to being attractive for both you and prospective home buyers.

Looking for foundation wall repair experts in Florida?

Florida Foundation Authority is proud to provide warrantied solutions that will permanently solve the issues with the foundation walls. We offer free, no-obligation foundation wall repair estimates to homeowners. The estimates are presented in writing.

Our service area includes Deltona, Oviedo, Orlando, Ocoee, Palm Bay, Port Saint Lucia, Kissimmee, Saint Cloud, and throughout the surrounding areas. Call or send an e-mail.

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