Do you have the know-how to find new customers in a large audience?

At ChannelAdvisor, we emphasize the importance of being everywhere to minimize your risk in a changing industry. ChannelAdvisor has integrated with Facebook to make it easier to sell products and grow your audience. The marketplace gives consumers a personalized shopping experience, with products and services from their local community and businesses that they love.

Only ChannelAdvisor customers who meet specific requirements are allowed to use the Facebook Marketplace integration. See below for more.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

  • Retailers can now sell directly on Marketplace or offer deals to shoppers who are already shopping.

There are benefits to selling on Facebook.

You get many advantages listing on Facebook.

  • E-commerce retailers will be given organic distribution of their brand and products.
  • The marketplace surfaces products that are relevant to consumers.
  • There is no set listing fees or commission.

Provide customers with free shipping. $5 of shipping cost will be subsidized by Facebook through December 31, Shipping program terms

Some of our consumer brands and retailers are already known for the following characteristics.

  • Connecting products to people where they shop
  • Inspiring and engaging shoppers through visual merchandising
  • Seamlessly transacting with consumers on mobile
  • Sharing information about products and services
  • Enabling a seamless purchase experience via on-site checkout
  • Increasing discovery of brands and products
  • Matching the right products to the right people
  • Capturing shoppers along the entire consumer journey

Ready to Get Started?

Only brands and retailers who are both a ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing and ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces customer can get the integration.

To establish a link between ChannelAdvisor and your Facebook account, you need to follow the simple steps below.


Interested in selling on the internet? You need to know this.

Only the US posting locale is supported for the Facebook Marketplace. You will need an account in the US. Please look at the Add a New Country page if you don’t have one.

  • The process for applying to sell on Facebook is simple. To add Facebook as a marketplace option, you must log in to ChannelAdvisor and follow the steps on the settings page.

ChannelAdvisor Customer Support can be reached to request access to the Facebook Marketplace integration.

You should be able to get approval from Facebook if you meet their requirements.

  • There is a direct brand in the U.S.
  • Selling new products and goods
  • Returns accepted within 30 days
  • Customer receipt is within seven days.

Wondering how you can get ahead of the competition? If you want to extend your brand and products to more customers, ChannelAdvisor can help.

Not a ChannelAdvisor customer?

ChannelAdvisor has integrations with a lot of marketplaces. One of our e-commerce experts will be happy to walk you through Facebook, as well as any other marketplaces that might be right for you and your products, if you use this quick form.

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